Saturday, May 19, 2012

Relaxing Friday


那就是I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz。

Tonight is gonna be a calm one, or I should say, I need to be calm, so I need this song.
During my lunch hour in the afternoon just now, I accidentally heard this song and my mind got so calm and peace. It's like "eh! Hui Wen, you should take a break." The song kept playing in my mind after that. =)

Life should be as simple and beautiful like the song. Don't you think so?

I always hope and try to get something which I really want. It's like a MUST.
Example like, state level band competition which falls on 19th of June. I can't able to attend even I'm living in Alor Setar. I can't take leave on that day. T.T
This is quite disappointing and I thought I will be able to attend no matter how.
The luck is not on my side. Even this morning was so happened that a customer came to me and said that I took her money but not depositing into her son's savings account.
I was like speaking quite loud in the branch, "it's impossible that I did that to you!" to that customer. Even my colleagues were shocked to see me acted this way because I was too concerned about myself rather than the "customer first" rules.
Yup, I do admit that I don't like to be blamed. I hate that.
I should have expected that this will happen on me someday, just that I don't know it came so sudden and I can't really handle it. I was so nervous that people might just suspect me taking her money. That's too crazy.
Hope that this issue will over after a deep sleep tonight.

Listening at the song, and sweet lyrics.
"... I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up ... "

It seems like love will never dies if you don't give up. I'm not sure whether this is true or not, but as long as you believe in yourself, I think it's possible to happen.
I can't really let go the fact that I can't attend that band competition thingy, but I will try to manage my 19-days leave well (I cannot use my 19-days to change a band competition thingy). Will start taking rest when the "Scheduled Leave Calendar" got space for me to fill in my name.
Do you realized that time goes soooo fast? I felt that CNY was just over, and now is Mei already! 2012 is just left about half year to go! I've been working in bank for 3 months! and the 4th month is coming! It sounds really amazing for me as I can walk that far by working in bank. LOL.
A question for yourself now, how did you spend your 1st half year? Was it nicely spent? Seriously I felt that I spent it all in the bank. I didn't go for traveling, only went KL for training. Besides working, it's still non stop working and working.
So, now I need to remind myself that my first half year left only 1 month plus, and I need to plan my next half year from now.

After all, it's all about striving to make life better.

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