Saturday, May 12, 2012

开始。The End.


尤其是来到星期五,我就特别想出去走走,给自己一个“Real Friday Night”,do what people usually do on Friday night.
说真,久久一次的十二点半, 就让我吧……
I've been trying so hard to behave myself and adapting my life in Alor Setar.
It sounds like it is so hard to adapt life in Alor Setar. -.-"
Can I say something to "rescue" / correct the situation? Something like "Alor Setar isn't that bad... I'm just don't know how to make life better..." and so forth.

I do read books, magazines, sometimes even go shopping alone like what I did in KL, but those are just not enough. How much time I can spend for shopping in Alor Setar Mall? I can read constantly for how long? Months? It might happen but the percentage will be really low.

Don't you feel weird if I suddenly change my blog post to English. It is really weird and I know it. I do realized that my English has stopped improving and it even started going backward.
I can't really speak and keep stuck ed with the grammar mistakes. I felt really embarrassing, not to customers but to myself.

After I've been working in bank, I started to like the job by the way. Why I am saying so? It is because bank job is not that bad. I've learnt a lot which I never expected it to be. You guess what!? I've detected one forged RM50 note. My thinking used to be quite negative. I always scare that I will not be able to detect those forged notes and will end up by absorbing the loss by myself. But after today, I know the reason why those aunties won't mind spending more time on running the notes with the machine. I like machine, but mine is just too old and troublesome. That's why I count with my hands and fingers rather than using that old machine. That machine is supposed to be in museum, not my teller counter. =P

Seriously, things will be differ and it depends on the way you think. When you are stressed up, make sure you do something which will make you feel better, or reward yourself with something good. After the rewarding session, you should start off your life and leave the unhappy part at the past. Example, I knew that Friday will be a tough day in bank, but during lunch hour, I will seek for food that I really wanted to eat. Sometimes will go to *Uncle Jonh and have a sip of coffee and spend my 1 hour there. After that will go back to the bank and continue that hectic life. LOL.
* When you pass by the shop, keep an eye of the printed board of the shop name is Uncle Jonh but not Uncle John.

Like what I've did just now, went to eat yogurt, talked something really craps with my friends, spent my Friday night with them, after came back I blog about life, I go for sleep.

Hope you feel comfortable with my broken English, I just simply hope that I can try my best to maintain my broken English and I really hope it can be improved too.

Good night ALL.

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