Monday, June 25, 2012

The story about ganglion on my left wrist

The story about ganglion on my left wrist.

So yea, I'm going to make this as the title of the article :D .
Cutting off the ganglion on my left wrist is always on my to-do list which I never execute. Ok, when I have motivation to execute my plan, I'm expecting it to be success. I know I might face difficulties, but I will not expect myself to face failure, or shall I say I don't allow failure?

I used to see things negatively. When I started to execute it, it went quite well, I started seeing doctor, and doctor advised me to go this way and that. After that I felt the plan went smooth, but after long consideration, I started to find the incompleteness of my plan. How to go back after the operation? Can I handle the feeling (of operation) alone without my sister at my side? Who will fetch me when I need to go Penang for medical check up? How if the insurance refuses to claim my medical fee?

So I decided to go the so called "penal hospital" - KMC which sounds more easier to get my claim but the result turned up to be so disappointing. I still worried how if i can't get the medical claim and I kept nagging at my sisters as I worried how if I need to go General Hospital at last. I find it hard to spare time to go GH for the ganglion operation. The queue will be really long and I afraid lastly I will not get the things done. (Ok... this sounds I'm just being not patient to queue and wait, and I'm lazy. I know. But I'm honest to say it out. LOL.)

So far I'm still waiting the results from hospital or insurance side, if it is approved, the operation will be scheduled on coming Wednesday, if not, the next visit to GH will be scheduled on coming Sunday. -.-" 

I got really disappointed when I started seeing failure. It's like after you confess to a guy and you are expecting him to accept, but ends up with you are rejected and the feeling keeps going down and down. I'm not sure which feeling is worser, but I guess both feelings are alike.

So I'm going to end my article and my (9days) holiday here. Happy Working Monday tomorrow! :D
Trying to hypnotize myself "your Monday is not gonna be blue... it's not gonna be blue..."