Sunday, May 27, 2012

When I'm Thinking of You

I'm back again, with mood of another lovely song! :D
I went to Pizza Hut for lunch with my family just now, and the hut had played this song randomly, and the song really touched my heart.

I would like to introduce this song from Katy Perry - Thinking of You.
I bet a lot of you had heard about this song, but did you put attention what she is singing about?
The lyrics is actually talking about her love with ex-lover who passed away in the war.

I supposed this song is to remind you about your ex-lover who you loved the most and also the best lover you had.
Unfortunately this song didn't remind me of anyone of my life.
I did imagine "how if" this song reminded me about "him"? The feeling came to me was disgust. So sorry to say about this. Maybe too much of bias involved.

Sometimes I would think Katy's voice sounds a bit husky, but I really like the way she sang this song. The melody is good and easily remembered. I would probably play this song in my mind for a week?
The starting of the song had already touched me as it goes like this,

"Comparisons are easily done
Once you've had a taste of perfection..."

Yup, we do compare when we've tasted the best.
Have you ever think about this? Do you know which is the best for you?

I like this part as well.
"... You're the best and yes I do regret
How I could let myself let you go
Now the lesson's learned
I touched it I was burned
Oh I think you should know..."
When she sang this part, I almost can feel her regretness and she really don't want to let him go.

Thanks to Pizza Hut which played this song to me.
It's an old song (2008) yet worth repeating for hundred times. XD

Please not to let go when you think you've met the best in your life.
Chase for the one you think the best for you, but not waiting for it to come to you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random post on my Sunday night

Still on "I won't give up" mode. =) The song is just so simple and calming.
Simply beautiful and I can't stop repeating the same sentance.

It's Sunday night and tomorrow will be working day.
People keeps asking me the same question like "how's your working life?"
It's a simple question but to me, it contains all the complicated feeling towards this job.
Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is not;
Sometimes it is busy, sometimes it is not;
Sometimes I think I like the job, but most of the time I think it doesn't suit me;
Sometimes colleagues are so good, but once a while they can make me feel quite unbearable.
Then you will see me in so bad mood, and scold a lot of useless thing.
I hope I can have a dustbin which will give me respond and listen to me, so that I can split all of my sadness or complaints to that dustbin. :D

After this week, month of June will come silently... Then I will need to attend my cousin's wedding dinner. She is one of my cousins who is quite closed to me.
Her wedding will held on 1st of June and I just felt that that day is really closed when her mom visited my house yesterday. She told about what she needs to prepare for the wedding, booking for the fruits and kuih bla bla bla... I was like "-.-" wow! It's already time to book kuih!!! Ok! The wedding is really near!"
Events of June will be the wedding, frozen leave which is really awful long, state level band competition which I can't be able to attend, Jayesslee's concert which I can't attend as well, and a dental appointment.

I am looking forward to coming Friday, 25th of May, because it's the day when salary is deposited. Haha! I need money to pay off my debt. I went to Penang today and loaned some money from my sister. Actually I can just pay her by withdrawing money from the piggy bank, but I spent too much this month especially after purchased the flight tickets from Air Asia. Will need to plan for my financial this month, if not will sure hurt my purse a lot. -.-"

I'm supposed to write longer for this blog spot, but I was chatting with a friend just now, who flirted me a lot. Ok, I mentioned flirt, but I think I am just a companion for him when he is boring and it's not like he really likes me and wanted to have deeper relationship with me.
I was discussing about something with him too, the topic can goes really deep inside if both of us were not sleepy. Before he went to sleep, he actually said "talk tomorrow ok?" I think he is planning to continue that topic tomorrow, but I think we will not make it as the feeling of discussion has already gone.

Hey guys, talk tomorrow k?
Good night!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Relaxing Friday


那就是I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz。

Tonight is gonna be a calm one, or I should say, I need to be calm, so I need this song.
During my lunch hour in the afternoon just now, I accidentally heard this song and my mind got so calm and peace. It's like "eh! Hui Wen, you should take a break." The song kept playing in my mind after that. =)

Life should be as simple and beautiful like the song. Don't you think so?

I always hope and try to get something which I really want. It's like a MUST.
Example like, state level band competition which falls on 19th of June. I can't able to attend even I'm living in Alor Setar. I can't take leave on that day. T.T
This is quite disappointing and I thought I will be able to attend no matter how.
The luck is not on my side. Even this morning was so happened that a customer came to me and said that I took her money but not depositing into her son's savings account.
I was like speaking quite loud in the branch, "it's impossible that I did that to you!" to that customer. Even my colleagues were shocked to see me acted this way because I was too concerned about myself rather than the "customer first" rules.
Yup, I do admit that I don't like to be blamed. I hate that.
I should have expected that this will happen on me someday, just that I don't know it came so sudden and I can't really handle it. I was so nervous that people might just suspect me taking her money. That's too crazy.
Hope that this issue will over after a deep sleep tonight.

Listening at the song, and sweet lyrics.
"... I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up ... "

It seems like love will never dies if you don't give up. I'm not sure whether this is true or not, but as long as you believe in yourself, I think it's possible to happen.
I can't really let go the fact that I can't attend that band competition thingy, but I will try to manage my 19-days leave well (I cannot use my 19-days to change a band competition thingy). Will start taking rest when the "Scheduled Leave Calendar" got space for me to fill in my name.
Do you realized that time goes soooo fast? I felt that CNY was just over, and now is Mei already! 2012 is just left about half year to go! I've been working in bank for 3 months! and the 4th month is coming! It sounds really amazing for me as I can walk that far by working in bank. LOL.
A question for yourself now, how did you spend your 1st half year? Was it nicely spent? Seriously I felt that I spent it all in the bank. I didn't go for traveling, only went KL for training. Besides working, it's still non stop working and working.
So, now I need to remind myself that my first half year left only 1 month plus, and I need to plan my next half year from now.

After all, it's all about striving to make life better.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

开始。The End.


尤其是来到星期五,我就特别想出去走走,给自己一个“Real Friday Night”,do what people usually do on Friday night.
说真,久久一次的十二点半, 就让我吧……
I've been trying so hard to behave myself and adapting my life in Alor Setar.
It sounds like it is so hard to adapt life in Alor Setar. -.-"
Can I say something to "rescue" / correct the situation? Something like "Alor Setar isn't that bad... I'm just don't know how to make life better..." and so forth.

I do read books, magazines, sometimes even go shopping alone like what I did in KL, but those are just not enough. How much time I can spend for shopping in Alor Setar Mall? I can read constantly for how long? Months? It might happen but the percentage will be really low.

Don't you feel weird if I suddenly change my blog post to English. It is really weird and I know it. I do realized that my English has stopped improving and it even started going backward.
I can't really speak and keep stuck ed with the grammar mistakes. I felt really embarrassing, not to customers but to myself.

After I've been working in bank, I started to like the job by the way. Why I am saying so? It is because bank job is not that bad. I've learnt a lot which I never expected it to be. You guess what!? I've detected one forged RM50 note. My thinking used to be quite negative. I always scare that I will not be able to detect those forged notes and will end up by absorbing the loss by myself. But after today, I know the reason why those aunties won't mind spending more time on running the notes with the machine. I like machine, but mine is just too old and troublesome. That's why I count with my hands and fingers rather than using that old machine. That machine is supposed to be in museum, not my teller counter. =P

Seriously, things will be differ and it depends on the way you think. When you are stressed up, make sure you do something which will make you feel better, or reward yourself with something good. After the rewarding session, you should start off your life and leave the unhappy part at the past. Example, I knew that Friday will be a tough day in bank, but during lunch hour, I will seek for food that I really wanted to eat. Sometimes will go to *Uncle Jonh and have a sip of coffee and spend my 1 hour there. After that will go back to the bank and continue that hectic life. LOL.
* When you pass by the shop, keep an eye of the printed board of the shop name is Uncle Jonh but not Uncle John.

Like what I've did just now, went to eat yogurt, talked something really craps with my friends, spent my Friday night with them, after came back I blog about life, I go for sleep.

Hope you feel comfortable with my broken English, I just simply hope that I can try my best to maintain my broken English and I really hope it can be improved too.

Good night ALL.

Monday, May 7, 2012


听着Taylor Swift的Eyes Open, 心里叹了一口气,“天啊,好像很久没有听摇滚乐了……”

虽然这不是Taylor Swift原唱的,但是她cover得很不错。



Saturday, May 5, 2012