Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random post on my Sunday night

Still on "I won't give up" mode. =) The song is just so simple and calming.
Simply beautiful and I can't stop repeating the same sentance.

It's Sunday night and tomorrow will be working day.
People keeps asking me the same question like "how's your working life?"
It's a simple question but to me, it contains all the complicated feeling towards this job.
Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is not;
Sometimes it is busy, sometimes it is not;
Sometimes I think I like the job, but most of the time I think it doesn't suit me;
Sometimes colleagues are so good, but once a while they can make me feel quite unbearable.
Then you will see me in so bad mood, and scold a lot of useless thing.
I hope I can have a dustbin which will give me respond and listen to me, so that I can split all of my sadness or complaints to that dustbin. :D

After this week, month of June will come silently... Then I will need to attend my cousin's wedding dinner. She is one of my cousins who is quite closed to me.
Her wedding will held on 1st of June and I just felt that that day is really closed when her mom visited my house yesterday. She told about what she needs to prepare for the wedding, booking for the fruits and kuih bla bla bla... I was like "-.-" wow! It's already time to book kuih!!! Ok! The wedding is really near!"
Events of June will be the wedding, frozen leave which is really awful long, state level band competition which I can't be able to attend, Jayesslee's concert which I can't attend as well, and a dental appointment.

I am looking forward to coming Friday, 25th of May, because it's the day when salary is deposited. Haha! I need money to pay off my debt. I went to Penang today and loaned some money from my sister. Actually I can just pay her by withdrawing money from the piggy bank, but I spent too much this month especially after purchased the flight tickets from Air Asia. Will need to plan for my financial this month, if not will sure hurt my purse a lot. -.-"

I'm supposed to write longer for this blog spot, but I was chatting with a friend just now, who flirted me a lot. Ok, I mentioned flirt, but I think I am just a companion for him when he is boring and it's not like he really likes me and wanted to have deeper relationship with me.
I was discussing about something with him too, the topic can goes really deep inside if both of us were not sleepy. Before he went to sleep, he actually said "talk tomorrow ok?" I think he is planning to continue that topic tomorrow, but I think we will not make it as the feeling of discussion has already gone.

Hey guys, talk tomorrow k?
Good night!

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